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SIR: Sons in Retirement is a nonprofit public benefit corporation (501C-4) for retired men. The purpose of SIR is to assist men in renewing friendships and making new friends through SIR activities. Having fun is our goal. There are no fees or assessments. The only requirement for membership is that a man is retired from full time employment.

HISTORY: Three friends, all retired, would meet with Mr. Reynolds on occasion for a friendly luncheon. He suggested to these three they join with him in his idea. A kickoff luncheon was held in the Claramor Restaurant in San Mateo, California on July 23, 1958. The four founders and five of their friends came to the luncheon.

The name “Sons In Retirement” was unanimously adopted by eighteen charter members of the new club at a second meeting on August 20, 1958. Consideration was given to several names suggested; none of which seemed to make clear the real purpose of the fledgling group. Because most retired men wish nothing to do with things pertaining to inactivity or laziness, the chosen name seemed to enunciate and give dignity to retirement, the inevitable lot of most men.

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